My experience in electronic film production (EFP) includes:

"O.J. Simpson Trial" (NBC Network)
"Late Night With Jay Leno" (NBC Network)
"Real Stories of the HWY Patrol" (CBS Network)
"Roggins Heroes" (KNBC)
"Hardcopy"(Paramount Television)
"KNBC TV & NBC Network"
"Entertainment Tonight" (Paramount)
"KCBS& CBS Network"
"Totally Hidden Video" (Fox TV Network)
"Martin Short Special" (HBO)
"Inside Edition" (Kingworld)
"Unsolved Mysteries" (Cosgrove-Meuer)
"Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous"
"Days of Our Lives" (NBC Network)
"The Late Show" (Fox TV Network)
"Mike and Maty Show" (ABC TV)
"The Home Show" (Woody Fraser Prod.-ABC Network)
"This Old House" (PBS)
"Macneil - Lehrer" (PBS)
"The Victory Garden" (PBS)
"Masterpiece Theater" (PBS)
"A Message To Our Parents" Doc (WBZ-TV)
"Body Watch" (PBS)
"Science & Medicine Segments" (CNN)
"New England Science Gazette" (WGBH-TV)
"Cape Cod For Sale" Doc (WBZ-TV)
"Ten O'Clock News" (WGBH-TV)
"Religion and The Flag" Doc (WBZ-TV)
"Kids and Race"Doc (WBZ-TV)
"Movietime Inc./E Entertainment"

My studio experience includes:

"Men are from Mars/Women are from Venus"
"Mike & Maty" (Beuna Vista)
"Hollywood Showdown" (Game Show Network)
"Moral Court" (Warner Bros.)
"The Cut" (MTV)
"Your Big Break" (Dick Clark Prod.)
"Celebrity Boxing" (FOX)
"The Howie Mandel Show" (Paramount)
"Leeza" (Paramount)
"Dream Maker" (DiBona Prod.)
"Extra" (Warner Bros.)
"Judge Wapner's Animal Court" (Animal Planet)

I worked on the following studio pilots:

"Stephenie Miller" (Beuna Vista)
"Late Date With Suzi" (Popular Arts)
"Mike & Maty" (Beuna Vista)
"Kirstie Alley" (Fisher Ent.)

I also have experience with Steadicam, commercials and promos:

"Lion King" (Disney)
"CBS Network Promos High Definition 2001, 2002"
"Tower Records"
"UPN Promos 2002"

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